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LEADED GLASS is a centuries old art form using cut pieces of glass held in place by lead channel, then soldered and cemented for structure and strength. Traditional designs had the detail painted on the glass with lead paints which were then fired for permanency and this is where the term “stained” glass originated. Today, there are so many types and styles of glass available that “staining” is not as prevalent and has given way to design with line, texture and color.


SANDBLASTING is a process where fine abrasive particles are directed at the glass surface at pressurized high speed thus frosting the surface of the glass. To direct and control the areas that are “blasted” an adhesive vinyl sheet is used to protect the areas of the glass that must remain glossy. This same process is used when Sand Carving is done and the result of sand carving is added depth and dimension.


GALLERY ITEMS are both commissions and production items of a more 3 dimensional nature. They are fun, challenging and inspiring as they often are multi-media pieces providing both form and function.

This Sculpture is called “FREEDOM”

Which is a benefit piece for the preservation of America’s Wild Horses and Burros. It was entered into the 2013 Art Prize International Competition in Grand Rapids,MI. It is 12’h x 13’w x 7’d; a glass and steel composition weighing approximately 1800 pounds.

This Sculpture is called “KOHAKU”

A glass and steel Koi fish representing friendship, love, perseverance and triumph over obstacles. It was unveiled at the 2010 Art Prize International Competition in Grand Rapids, MI. It is 12’h x 6’w and 6’d. It has just sold to the city of Big Rapids, MI.

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